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Uninformed Critics

May 28, 2018

So for the second week in a row (if you skip the week in the middle) we talk about a show and now we are reviewing said show.  Talking points include, how many mistress' is too many, who was the real target, and what does Winston Churchill have to do with street gangs.  Stick around to the end as we solve one  of last...

May 22, 2018

Join us as we take part in the greatest heist of all, buffacon.  Talking points include, Native america wisdom, why is everyone cool with crime, and why isn't pete very sneaky.  Stick around for some answers to last weeks toughest questions.

May 15, 2018

This might be a first, an off handed comment last week turns into this weeks episode.  Beware this one gets pretty wild, discussions include, why police shows always make IA out to be the bad guys, Kyle's horrible attempt to classify a character not by race, and will ass shots kill?  For at least the 2nd week in a row...

May 11, 2018

Pizza Quest: In Pursuit of the Perfect Slice returns and this time we are testing out Pizza Hut. Is it possible we hate it even more than Domino’s? Doubtful, but tune in to find out. Other topics of conversation include: pizza measurements, ruining brownies, and elevators make a return.


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May 8, 2018

Take a ride with us back to the early 80's as we discuss the cold war drama The Americans.  Talking points include, Americans being the bad guys in Russian movies, just where in the world is Tuan, and how horrible spy code is.  In a unprecedented move we pull back the curtain and discuss our plans for a special episode...