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Uninformed Critics

Nov 27, 2017

PoBody's Nerfect, and neither are we, but this week we did a mighty fine job picking a show.  Listen in as we discuss, is this a religious heaven, what or who exactly is Janet, and add yet another to our list of weird ways to die.  This ones a good one!

Nov 20, 2017

We went back to 2005 for this one, and boy does it show!  Talking points include all magic coming from light orbs, is breakfast a date, and who exactly are the avatars? We tried to go back to last week but Thomas didn't do his homework, so maybe next week?

Nov 13, 2017

Join us this week as we fight crime in National City, or at least fit off the villains maybe mom. Talking points include, uncomfortable sexual tension, the extreme lack of tension in super hero shows, and how we are both okay being saved by Super Girl.  Stick around as we rank the level of thanksgivingness in this...

Nov 6, 2017

Well we tried again to enjoy this show, spoiler still didn’t happen.  Talking points include, hating Halloween, unmanned death ships, and how this so called genius team only really solves problems they create.  The good news is we may soon both get jobs in the TV industry!  Listen in as we dive back to a good show...