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Uninformed Critics

Feb 26, 2017

Listen in this week as we fulfill our first listener request, and boy was it a dozy.  We touch on potential dating red flags, how many dogs is too many, and why in the world does that one guy have the worst fake southern accent, and once and for all solve the Baja Men mystery from the year 2000. Stick around to the end...

Feb 19, 2017

This one has us feeling real  good and wanting to suck some blood, that’s what  Vampires do right?  Tune in this week as we watch Vampire Diaries and try to figure out if Vampires are still hot, what vampires can do in this world, what Sirens are, and who exactly is the Demon Cade. We also follow up on last...

Feb 11, 2017

Some days you get the giraffe, some days you get the wig; listen in this week as we check out Superstore on NBC, we determine if we get the giraffe or the wig. Will this one take the coveted top spot of worst show we watched? Stick around to the end as we answer last week’s big question,Who’s baby is it? Theme: TV...

Feb 3, 2017

In this Pilot Episode we discuss the Freeform show Baby Daddy.  Listen as we try and figure out what exactly is going on and answer the question, "Who's Baby Is It?" Check us out on the web